Sunday, October 3, 2010

This Is The First Post of The Best of Your Lives

I said best instead of "rest". Because I make your lives bester.

Dear family,
(and anyone reading this counts as family-- I'm talking to you, Bradley)

Welcome to my blog. Here is where I post some of my beloved memories, adventures, and recipes, which I probably stole from other people because I'm an awful person. (This shouldn't be news.)

Even as I am hundreds-ish of miles away, know that I am neglecting my homework, hygiene, and impending math test just to bring these joys to you.

As Blogmaster, I will dedicate sacred dishes to my loved ones occasionally.
For example, Amy is cute, so I baked her a pony.

I'm looking to make a variety of cuisines, but I do have fixations. One time, I bought these Siamese fighting fish, and I spent like a week making plans for my own fish hatchery. The next week I was back to normal. This is how it works. I am a living sitcom.

I try to healthify a lot of my recipes. I use mostly whole wheat flour and whole oat flour, and I'm in the habit of adding flaxseed to basically everything. Keep in mind I'm not a crazy health-nut deluded person, so if I think it's tasty it probably is okay, and doesn't taste like vegetarian corn dogs.

I'm not big on exactness in my recipes, so ya know. Wing it. It should be fine.
Also, I only have a cameraphone. And not a good one. Hopefully, I should have something vaguely decent by Xmas. Hint hint. Nudge nudge. Wink wink.

(I'm trying to get you guys to buy me crap.)

Anyways, I love you all as much as I am mandated to, and I hope you enjoy this sacrilicious journey with me.



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  2. I feel so included as family! *warm and fuzzy now* Though I'd just as soon be buying myself things, so don't expect anything more special than a Happy Present Day! from me. (Besides, I'm poor. Terribly so.)